Hotel – Restaurant – Bar
Vinogradska ulica 28A, Zagreb, Croatia

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Contact us
+385 99 3127 770


Hotel Domino is in the center of Zagreb, next to the Sisters of Charity hospital. Besides our hotel rooms, you can stay at our gateway apartment located 5 minutes uphill form the hotel.

How To Reach Us?

  1. 1

    Tram line - 11, 6 or 1

    board on Ban Jelačić square
  2. 2

    Ride 3 tram stations

    get off on Dr. Franjo Tuđman square
  3. 3

    100m walk

    from the tram station

Hotel Accommodation

In Hotel Domino you can find single and twin bedrooms, an apartment, restaurant and cafe. Outside the hotel, we offer a stay in our gateway apartment near the center of Zagreb. See our offer!